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From time to time, PGR Creations will send a newsletter to our clients. The intent of the newsletter is to keep our clients informed about opportunities to increase website traffic and increase sales. In addition, contemporary issues are frequently dealt with such as security, email management, spam, useful software, and new optional features available for your website.

Clients of PGR Creations are automatically added to the newsletter mailing list but can opt out at any time.

Sometimes our email may be directed at a specific client if we become aware of something that we feel may benefit that client. The information may or may not be a service provided by PGR Creations. Our interest is primarily directed at helping our clients succeed and grow.

Website Hosting

PGR Creations offers website hosting at very competitive rates. We use a top-tier server company with exceptional support. Our servers are of the highest quality and are proactively managed with monitoring 24/7, daily backups, and are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches soon after they are available.

Website Maintenance Service

serversFor clients who do not have the time, the personnel or the desire to maintain their website, PRG Creations offers several maintenance plans where clients pay a discounted hourly rate. For those who require infrequent assistance, PGR Creations can provide assistance on an as-needed basis.

Website Photography, Videography Service

PGR Creations can provide professional level photography services for your website without the professional level fees. We have experience creating product shots as well as on-site shots of buildings and building interiors. Inquire about samples of our work.

Video on websites can be very effective as well as helpful with respect to search engine optimization. PGR Creations has HD videography cameras and lighting equipment to produce short videos for your website. Inquire about samples of our work.

Graphics Design, Banner Ads

Inquire about our graphics design service. PGR Creations has had extensive experience in creating graphics and banners for our clients.

Newsletter Production and Management Service

Newsletters are a very cost-effective means of reaching out to your customers to promote sales. PGR Creations can design a professional looking newsletter for you and manage the process of sending email to your customers. Inquire about samples of our work.

Website Support

Clients experiencing a problem related to their website should contact us immediately. Send an email to support@pgrcreations.com or for more urgent problems call us at 317-409-9323.

Computer Support

PGR Creations is pleased to offer our clients assistance with computer problems (hardware, software), networking assistance, purchase of new computer, computer and software solution recommendations. Our fees are significantly less than popular service centers. Save time and money. Check with us first. Please contact us for additional information.

Remote Support

Clients desiring hands-on assistance with anything related to their website, email setup or computer issues may be interested in our remote support capability. Contact us to set up an appointment, then download, extract and install the appropriate file below.

Remote support for PCRemote Support for Mac