About Our Work

Our Work

At PGR Creations, we are fanatical about our work ethics. Our team has a sense of responsibility to our clients with everything we do. We care about the quality of our work and do the best we can. You are kept informed each step of the way. We try to err on the side of over-communicating.

Each client of ours presents with a unique set of requirements. Thus, the old adage "one size does not fit all" appropriately describes our philosophical approach which is why a good understanding of your needs and your business is so important.

Besides building standard web pages, PGR Creations capabilities include:

  • Database design and construction
  • Dynamic pages - Web pages with data delivered from a database
  • e-Commerce sites
  • Online Catalogs
  • Graphics design
  • Newsletter design and management
  • Management of email subscribers
  • Professional photography services including on-site and product shots
  • Short video productions for the web
  • Email setup
  • Online payments
  • Website Hosting

Below is a brief outline of our work process.


Our Work - Design

Once we understand your business needs, we proceed with creating one or more concept designs and develop a preliminary web strategy proposal for your consideration.

Each of our designs is a unique, professionally customized product tailored to meet your specific needs. We do not use pre-existing templates (unless requested) that might compromise your objectives. Your feedback allows us to tweak the design until you are completely satisfied.


Our Work - Develop

While your new website is under development, if you already have an existing site, it will continue to run without interference.

Developing ideaOur development team typically creates a working model of your home page that will serve as a starting point for your site but it also affords you an opportunity to review the model before we commit to building the remainder of your site. Occasionally, we ask clients to review some of the completed pages to ensure their approval. With PGR Creations, you are a part of the process every step of the way.

We Can Help
Development of a website has to rely on the client for content and proprietary artwork. It is no secret that developing content for a brand new website where there is no pre-existing site can be an arduous task. Clients often suffer from "writer's block". As an optional service, PGR Creations can help by developing the content for your site while ensuring appropriate use of keywords. Our writing service can be based on your notes and/or from online research. Our fee for this service is a discounted pre-launch hourly rate.


Our Work - Deliver

When we have completed building and testing your site, you are given access to it for your final review and approval.

Upon receiving final approval, your website is launched. Often the process can take less than 15 minutes. If your website is moving to a new server, it can take several hours before the new site shows up in your browser.

Our obligation to you does not end with the launch of your website. For all new websites, we provide three months of FREE maintenance. It is during this period that we monitor your site's performance and take note of the frequency and quantity of updates to your site that you might request. When the free maintenance period expires, we might propose a maintenance plan to you that will translate into lower overall cost based on your history. Please visit our services page for more information.


Our Work - Support

As fanatical as we are about our work ethics, we are the same with supporting our clients post-launch.

Our support can cover many different situations:

  • Issues related to the website
  • Data issues
  • Email issues
  • Computer/Device issues
  • Domain issues
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Installation of a new feature

We are just as interested as you are in keeping your website running smoothly. If you have an issue, most of the time we can help correct it within 30 minutes. Troubleshooting web-related issues are given top priority depending on the nature of the problem. Other non-critical issues are usually addressed within a few days. One of the biggest complaints clients tell us is that their previous webmaster was too slow to respond to their needs and sometimes they did not respond at all. That has never been a problem for the clients of PGR Creations.