Website security

Website Security

What is Peace-of-Mind worth to you?

Your website is important for your business. So why leave it to chance that a hacker might make some subtle changes to it that could leave your business vulnerable to snooping, data gathering or infecting those who visit your website.

Over the years, PGR Creations has helped several clients with hacking issues on their website.

For you, it is not a question of IF it will happen. It is a question of WHEN.

In a recent article posted online at ZNet titled "Over 90 percent of data breaches in the first half of 2014 were preventable", the author reported on the Online Trust Alliance's (OTA) analysis of multiple website break-ins. Their report suggests break-ins were made possible by carelessness and lack of monitoring.

No-cost and Low-cost Action You Can Take

Reproduced here are the twelve OTA recommended practices to minimize the possibility of being a victim:

  • Enforces effective password management policies.
  • Keep all user accounts running on the lowest privilege and access level as possible.
  • Shore up client devices by deploying multilayered firewall protection, anti-virus software and make sure default locally shared folders are disabled.
  • Conduct regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans. *
  • Require email authentication on all inbound and outgoing mail.
  • Implement a mobile device management system.
  • Monitor in real-time company network infrastructure.
  • Deploy web apps and firewalls to detect and prevent common Web attacks.
  • Permit only authorized devices to connect to wireless networks.
  • Implement Always On Secure Socket Layer (AOSSL) protections for servers. (NOTE: Other experts have recommended SSL security for all websites. *)
  • Frequently review server certificates.
  • Develop, test and refine a data breach response plan.
* PGR Creations offers website protection plans including SSL installation

One Easy, Inexpensive Solution For Your Peace of Mind

Choose your sitelock plan

For as little as $5 per month, defend your website against hackers with SiteLock™. SiteLock offers website protection by providing daily malware scans, vulnerability scans, optional automated malware removal and the all important file change monitoring. The available set of features for you depend on the level of protection you select.

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